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At some point in our lives we’ve all had to rely on the kindness of strangers. Having a community to support those who need it, when they need it most, is why we started Social Gifting.

Our crafters are differently-abled with special needs, and terminal illnesses. Being able to create products empowers them, and helps them earn a passive income. Working allows them to be givers instead of beneficiaries. Join us to empower them.

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Global Sustainability Goals

Social Gifting is supporting 6 out of the 17 UN Global Sustainability Goals. 

Good health & Wellbeing, using crafting to improve mental wellness & self-esteem


Since 2018, we have created 17,347 gifts with our differently-abled crafters, including 8,000 masks for people in need.

Gender Equality, both genders have an equal opportunity to craft & empower others


Since 2018, we have conducted 120 crafting sessions over 2,031 hours

provide women opportunities to work from home & leadership roles.

Decent Work & Economic Growth, we work with people with special needs to find strengths & gain passive income

Since 2018, we have disbursed $33k to empower differently-abled crafters; 
$14k directly to crafters and $19k to charities.




Reduced Inequality 
by providing opportunities for persons differently-abled crafters

Currently, we 
support 80 crafters;  empowering warriors with special needs, terminal illness, women, 
seniors in isolation & people who lost their job due to Covid-19.


Responsible Consumption & Production, through collecting upcycling materials from tailors

We collect fabrics scraps from TD Fabrics & Softhome. We also promote Eco-Friendly gifts to reduce single-use plastic.


Partnerships to achieve the Goal, we collaborate with other SE & charities to achieve common good

Since 2018, we have worked with 805 volunteers over 2,377 hours. Together with NWCDC, we partner with 10 charities and SE.  



Our mission 

  • Empowering crafters to build on their strength to enable them to live an enriching life with dignity

  • STRENGTH: Create a community where crafting can bring people together, enable social impact and enrich communities

  • ENRICH: Provide a platform for volunteers to spread joy by teaching crafters new skills

  • DIGNITY: Using crafts to help crafters earn passive income, relieve stress and better integrate back to society.


Our Core Value

  • C - creative

    • We seek creative ways to solve tough problems​

  • R - resilience

    • We build on each other's strength, collaborate & become stronger 

  • A - appreciate

    • We embrace one another & strive to make a difference​

  • F - foster change

    • When we see a gap, we take ownership, learn & make changes​

  • T - trust

    • We build trust through candid conversations to serve a common good​


We empower Charity Organisation

  • Crafting sessions (weekly / monthly) to improve fine motor skills & confidence level through scaffolding

    • Lions Befrienders (Ghim Moh and Mei Ling SAC)

    • Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled

    • SASCO Sheltered Home (Hong San)

  • Assign packing jobs to people with special needs

    • Bizlink, MINDS

  • Makers’ Programme  

    • We curate group volunteering sessions, connecting volunteers to interact & craft with seniors, and sell the co-created gifts

  • Platform Sharing

    • We provide product styling and packaging to enable charities to sell their crafts on our platforms


We empower individuals behind closed doors

  • Job creation

    • We provide crafters with crafting/packaging jobs that pertain to their strengths to gain passive income

  • Mental wellness

    • Work closely with crafters and caregivers to ensure mental wellness and removing their self doubts

  • Creativity

    • We provide crafting materials and tools free-of-charge to encourage creativity and building of strength​

    • We encourage crafters to teach other crafters


We empower students

  • Leadership

    • SUSS students experience what it's like to run a Social Enterprise Operation for 6 months

  • Application

    • Allows students to pick up skills/apply what they learn in school

    • Students get to develop their skills in Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Volunteer Management, Sales & Logistics


Contact:  +65 9831 8300



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