Valen Tan Husistein (Founder)

Inspired by her 3 children, Valen decided to pursue a career in the Social Service Sector. In 2015, she left the private sector and took up a Fundraising role in the Social Service Sector and organised events such as live telecast TV Charity Show, Flag Days, Charity Swim, Charity Car Wash and more.


In 2017, to develop a stronger theoretical foundation of the sector, she decided to pursue a degree in Social Work at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). With the support of SUSS, she started Social Gifting. She hopes to provide meaningful activities / passive income to people who are unable to leave home due to caregiving duties or physical constraints.

Apart from running Social Gifting as a volunteer, pursuing her degree in Social Work, providing caregiving for her children, she is also a Volunteer Special Constable. 

Come join her mission to empower the less fortunate to build on their strengths and enable them to live an enriching life with dignity.

Ping Swen
(Business & Marketing Lead

With prior knowledge of Social Enterprise from her polytechnic education, Ping Swen grew interest for Social Gifting during her community engagement as she witnessed how elderly were empowered through the crafting program.


She’s currently pursuing her degree in marketing and hopes to bring more creative ideas to the enterprise.


(Logistic & Creative Developer)

Currently pursuing a diploma in graphics design, Lily has always been inspired by everything around to create art. Joining Social Gifting has encouraged her to explore more ways to expand her creativity while also pushing towards an inclusive and diverse society.

Marble Surface

Social Gifters (CE3)

June to December 2020

Led by Yasmin & Adela , these SUSS Gifters will spearhead Social Gifting for 6 months.

 (Names from top to bottom, left to right)


First row: Yasmin (Leader), Denise, Jaclyn, Megan (Sales & Logistics)

Second row: Adela (Leader), Rosini, Darlene, Krithikah (Biz Development)

Third rowKuan Lian (Finance), Dion, Shaun, Yan Ru (Marketing)


Forth row: Izzatie (Finance), Clarrisa, Melanie, Jing Ning (Volunteer Management)

Students Mentors:  Shawn Tan, Leonard Soh, Ayden Lin, Lee Ping Swen

Marble Surface

Social Gifters (CE1)

August to November 2019

Led by Shawn & Loysius, these SUSS Gifters spearheaded Social Gifting for 4 months.

 (Names from back to front, left to right)

Leader: Shawn Tan

Co-leader: Loysius Lai 

Logistic I/C: Leonard Soh

Finance Specialist #1: Goh Jun Xiong

Sales I/C: Stephanie Lim

Marketing I/C #1: Lee Ping Swen

Marketing I/C #2: Sheryl Leong 

Finance Specialist #2: Nur Iffah Liyana

Marble Surface

Social Gifters (CE2)

January to June 2020

Led by Ayden Lin Hui & Angel Lone, these SUSS Gifters will spearhead Social Gifting for 6 months.

 (Names from back to front, left to right)


Third row: Ying Rui (Finance), Aaron (Biz Dev), Ayden (Leader)

Second row: Henni (Sales & Log), Wan Zhen (Biz Dev),
Kelly (Biz Dev), Hannah (Volunteer Mgt), Kusala (Biz Dev I/C), Evelyn (Marketing), Lee Ting (Finance), Angel (Co-leader)

First rowJolyn (Sales & Log I/C), Pearlyn (Sales and Log), Karen (Volunteer Mgt), Qai (Marketing I/C),
Kai Ting (Marketing), Olivia (Marketing), Elaine (Finance I/C), Hanisah (Volunteer Mgt), Hui Sing (Volunteer Mgt I/C)

Not in photo: Lan Juan (Finance), Hui Eng (Sales and Log)


Contact:  +65 9831 8300



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