Empower Women

Mdm Freda, Retiree

Mdm Freda retired to help look after her grandchild. Now that her little one is slightly older, she wishes to do more for herself during her spare time. She’s passionate about sewing and knitting and had dreamt of sharing her creations with others. Hoping to enhance her skills and becoming more active through her silver years, she has embarked on a journey with Social Gifting to find her true strengths.


Zann is seeking professional help to build up her mental health again. Your gift will empower her to reintegrate back to the society

Faz, brave mother of 5 young children

Being a mother is not an easy task. Moreover, Faz has 5 young children who need her loving care and support. Let us help her through this arduous time by supporting her craft work. 

​Granny Linda, proud granny of four

Family is everything to Granny Linda. She raised her children singlehandedly and did everything she can to provide care for her family. She loves to do crafting during her free time and hopes to bring more income to her family through crafting.