Made by Aunty Betty and family, this simple yet sweet strawberry-shaped keychain can add a nice touch to your belongings! 


Content: 1x Crochet Strawberry Keychain (Big)
Size: ~7cm + 11 cm keychain (Length) x 5.5cm (Width)
Weight: 7g
Material: Crochet, Metal bell and Silver Chain
Colour: Red and Green


Note: Colour may vary slightly from picture. 


Crafted by: Aunty Betty @ Buona Vista

Aunty Betty is retired but she spends her time wisely by volunteering with various social service organisations. She loves to do crafting during her free time and is committed to helping nurture the less fortunate to be craftrepreneurs.

Hand Crochet Strawberry Keychain (Big)

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    Thank you for the great work. The inspirational words and everything.

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    Thank you for crafting such pretty gifts! Keep up the good work:)

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    Toh JR

    What you are doing may seem insignificant, but it may mean the world to other people! Let's make the world a better place, together!

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    Thanks for your time and effort in personalising the gift. You made someone's day special.

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    Thank you very much for the responsive service, the handwritten customised note was a pleasant surprise (since I couldn't write my own for my friend to add to the gift, given CB)

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