Are you an animal lover? Give these adorable keyrings a new home on your bag or keys! 


Content: 1 x Hand Crocheted Animals Key Ring (Aunty Betty)

Size: ~9.5cm x 7cm (puppy w bone top)/ ~10cm x 6cm (pug)/ ~7.5cm x 7cm (brown puppy)/ ~7cm x 6cm (purple puppy)/ ~7.5cm x 5cm (kittens)/ ~8.5cm x 5cm (chick)/ ~9.5cm x 5cm (squirrel)/ ~9cm x 6cm (pig)/ ~7cm x 4cm (pig)/ ~8.5cm x 7cm (elephant)/ ~12.5cm x 5.5cm (giraffe)/ ~11.5cm x 7cm (bowtie monkey)/ ~13cm x 8.5cm (bell monkey)

Weight: 23g (pug w bone)/ 31g (pug)/ 18g (brown puppy)/ 16g (purple puppy)/ 16g (kittens)/ 19g (chick)/ 26g (Squirrel)/ 21g (pig)/ 17g (poodle)/ 22g (elephant)/ 21g (giraffe)/ 22g (bowtie monkey)/ 38g (bell monkey)

Material: Cotton

Colour: As shown 


Crafted by: Aunty Betty @ Buona Vista

Aunty Betty is retired but she spends her time wisely by volunteering with various social service organisations. She loves to do crafting during her free time and is committed to helping nurture the less fortunate to be craftrepreneurs.

Hand Crocheted Animals Key Ring - Dogs

Design and Colour

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